Joining Cambridge Taekwon-Do

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To join Cambridge Taekwon-Do and start training immediately, we have a two step process:


1 - Choose the membership option that best suits you (there are three below, Bronze, Silver and Gold)

2- Setup standing order for the monthly payment to start from the 1st of the next new month.


Please get in touch with us at and we can help you with this process.



Monthly fees are payable by standing order on the first of every month. The monthly fee is calculated on an annual training period of 42 weeks split into twelve equal monthly amounts. 

Pricing effective 1st September 2019

Registering with Cambridge Taekwon-Do

Doboks (training suits) are not essential until after the first grading.

T-shirt purchased seperately £15 Juniors, £20 adults. Dobok purchased seperately £35 (under dobok size 150cm), £40 (150cm doboks plus)

To start with your free training please email us today


Membership fees entitle students to attend any training for which they are eligible, during the calendar month following payment. Missed lessons are non-refundable.

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