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Cambridge Taekwon-Do is an official International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) school, recognised with Taekwon-Do England. We at Cambridge Taekwon-Do are dedicated to teaching Taekwon-Do in the style intended and originally created by its founder, General Choi Hon Hi (9th Degree). 

As well as the physical aspects of kicking, punching, striking and blocking, we also teach our students courtesy, team work, discipline, the value of learning and value of reaching and achieving goals.

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Cambridge Taekwondo @ European Cup 2023


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Taekwon-Do is a military martial arts originating from Korea and a form of unarmed combat for the purpose of self defence.

Taekwondo practitioners train both body and mind. Physical training enables a practitioner to maximise the use of the body and learn the skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks and dodges. There is also focus on developing confidence, integrity, indomitable spirit, strong sense of justice and humility in each individual.

This is one of the reasons Taekwon-Do is called an art of self defence. It implies a way of thinking and life, particularly in instilling a concept and spirit of strict self-imposed discipline.


Gunhild Way
Cherry Hinton
Cambridge, CB1 8QY

Hobson Square
Cambridge, CB2 9FN