President Visits for Black Belt Seminar

Mr Archer VI, President of T-UK visited the club on Saturday 5th March to conduct a Black Belt Pre-Grading Seminar. Students wishing to apply to take part in the forthcoming black belt grading attended to gain clearance and valuable feedback to support their preparation. Many other senior grades from the club took the opportunity to train with their president. Mr Archer was accompanied by Mr Ricky Dhillon IV, who he explained was the first black belt he ever produced as an instructor. Everyone enjoyed the chance to benefit from their combined wealth of experience, and those grading gained both guidance and confidence in their efforts towards the black belt grading.

Black Belt Grading Success

Eight of the club's Black Belt students were examined by T-UK's Grading Panel recently. Pee-wee Adam Shin and Junior Jong Ihn-Chung were both examined for 1st Degree Star One. Assessments towards adult degree grades were taken by Mr Chapman and Ms Hautaviita (2nd Degree), Mr Joseph, Mrs Hassan-Spiller and Mr Spiller (3rd Degree) and Ms Iotchkova (4th Degree).

The President and Vice-President were assisted by T-UK's increasing number of international grades to put students from black tag upwards through their paces. Adam and Jong-Ihn were successful in their Star Grades and all the seniors were given positive and valuable feedback in preparation for their next steps - their full grade tests. Big congratulations to all.

Cambridge in British Championships

Cambridge students recently attended the T-UK's British Championships in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The club was represented by both junior and adult competitors and several referees to assist in running the day. Tournaments are about far more than just medals, and this year's event did not disappoint. It provided triumphs, but most importantly, valuable experiences for all. Congratulations to all who won medals, but more importantly, well done to all for putting yourselves out there and challenging yourselves.

Cambridge Welcomes our Vice President

Cambridge was proud to welcome our Vice President, Mr Ian Ridley VI to take September's Senior Grade Training session. The class was extended and opened to blue belts to get the most from the fantastic opportunity to train with one of T-UK's most experienced practitioners. Mr Ridley gave as always, an exciting, inspiring and exhausting lesson. His enjoyment of Taekwon-Do is infectious and even those who had never trained with him before (who admitted to being quite nervous beforehand) relaxed and had a great time. We very much look forward to the next time Mr Ridley is able to make the long journey to visit us. Well done particularly to the younger and more junior grades, for whom the session was a big step forward in their Taekwon-Do journey. Click here for more photos.

Summer Kick Off!

Once again the weather was on our side as we packed our bags, blankets and picnic food on the morning of our party. In addition to the picnic stuff we also packed our climbing gear...

This year, we decided to expand our perspectives of a physical challenge by visiting Kelsey Kerridge Climbing Centre. About half of us had previous climbing experience and were equipped with proper climbing shoes and a bag of chalk - the other half came along with normal trainers and a bag full of enthusiasm.
Fairly quickly, it became evident that you need very different muscles and strategy when climbing walls than when executing TKD techniques. Despite of many differences there are also similarities. As with any exercise, good core strength, co-ordination and stamina help a lot. Perseverance is also very important in climbing; sometimes it takes hours of practice to finish just one single bouldering route - if it's a tricky route you may need to drill it again and again, stopping in between to analyse the weakness in your technique and figuring out a new strategy. And then all of a sudden you just do it! The beauty of a learning curve.
After a couple of hours climbing we were ready to go out and enjoy the sun at Parker's Piece. Home-made salads, banana bread and TKD-motif cupcakes were all delicious. And of course as it's a TKD club full of competitive and over-energetic members, it was not just fun, but also games: the official 100 meters run was won by Simon. Congratulations!

Congratulations to our newest Black Belts

Four of our younger members recently travelled all the way to Manchester to take part in the latest T-UK Black Belt Grading. Bita Kamali (pee-wee), Miro Heydtmann, Nathan Zaoui and Aitor Seabrooke-Uranga (juniors) were all successful in passing their 1st Degree Black Belts, putting in some excellent performances. We were delighted to present them with their new black belt doboks (as pictured) on their return as an extra well done.

100th ITF International Instructors Course

The 100th International Instructors Course (IIC) of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) was hosted by ITF Scotland and held in Aberdeen from the 13th - 15th March. This momentous occasion was attended by 23 countries from as far afield as Canada and Australia and a little nearer from Greece and Spain to name a few. Attendees were in excess of 320 black belts from first degree to Master and Grand Master with training under the International Technical Committee of Grand Master Marano, Grand Master Bos and Grand Master Lan. Click the photo to see more of the event.

Mr Crisp attends Senior IIC in Italy

In November, Mr Crisp travelled to Treviso Italy, to attend the 98th ITF International Instructors Course. This course was for 4th Degree and above only, so it was an exciting opportunity to train at the highest possible level with the ITF's technical committee, Grandmasters Marano, Bos and Lan. The IIC courses run over three days and include detailed technical and sparring training. Mr Crisp also came home with lots of exciting training methods picked up from GM Bos.

Read an article on the course here and view the Photo Gallery here.

Seminar with Jaroslaw Suska

Mr Crisp recently attended a seminar conducted by Mr Jaroslaw Suska V Degree. Mr Suska was born in Poland in 1972. His journey in Taekwon-Do began in the spring of 1985. He has won five world Championship titles and an astonishing twenty European Championship titles in the patterns divisions. The seminar was totally inspirational, with crazy training drills that were just a taste of the methods used by the Polish squad, and demonstrations of his outstanding skills.


The training was exhausting but totally inspirational. We would definitely recommend getting along to one of his seminars next time he is in the UK.

International Instructors Course

The Cambridge instructors attended the ITF's 92nd International Instructors Course in Dublin, Ireland over the weekend of 23rd-25th May. The course involved three days of training with the Technical Committee of the International Taekwon-Do Federation: Grand Master Marano, Grand Master Bos and Grand Master Lan. A small delegation from T-UK formed part of the group from ITF England. 

The training was exhausting but totally inspirational. Click here to read a full report of the weekend's events and view more pictures.

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