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A Grading is a formal examination of a student by a 4th degree instructor or above. This is to assess whether they should be promoted to the next grade up. I.e. Yellow belt (8th Kup) to Yellow Belt Green Tag (7th Kup). Students will be expected to know their respective syllabus for the grading, such as fundamental techniques, patterns, terminology. At higher belts, you will need to do sparring, breaking, and prearranged sparring. I.e. Three step. Find out more in the Student Study Area.


A Competition is where students compete against one another in various Taekwon-Do topics, such as patterns, team patterns, sparring, power, and special technique. The format is usually in a tournament style with round of 16s and knockouts. Students can receive, medals, trophies and certificates from the tournaments. Competitions are an excellent way of practicing your techniques against other students in a friendly competition. At black belt, you can also be selected to represent your country by completing trials and participating in the World Championships.


A Seminar is a type of lesson taught by an instructor, usually of senior authority, to a large group of students. Seminars are typically specialist and focus on one aspect, such as sparring or patterns. Seminars are a way for students to learn Taekwon-Do in detail, often training for a longer period of time than a normal lesson and can even be over the course of a few days.