Cambridge Hosts T-UK Technical Seminar

On Saturday 9th November, Cambridge Taekwon-Do hosted a Technical Course for the T-UK. President Mr Archer VI and Vice-President Mr Ridley VI conducted the course with the assistance of Mr Crisp V.

The day opened promptly at 9.30am with the Taekwon-Do Oath and began with a discussion of the methods of etiquette required in and out of the Dojang. Mr Archer provided some interesting reasons for several of the ways we do things, sharing where he had learned each bit of                                                                                   knowledge from.

The morning was dominated by an exploration of the Do in Taekwon-Do. Examples of the Tenets being demonstrated both in and out of Taekwon-Do were discussed, and the full meaning of each was developed. The conversation included some interesting sources of examples which reflected the range of ages and backgrounds of those present. However, regardless of age, every student was able to relate the Tenets to their own lives and contribute to the discussion.

Following an early lunch break, doboks were donned and the afternoon’s training began. Fundamentals of sine wave and movement were covered, and a detailed analysis of all the patterns from Chon-Ji to Choong Moo was conducted. The three senior grades took turns working through the patterns and their different styles kept it fresh. Various modes of practice were used, and some tricky methods were employed by Mr Ridley in particular to test students’ knowledge of techniques as they developed throughout the day. They really kept                                                                           everyone on their toes and tested the little                                                                                 grey cells!

The final section of our training was to confirm and practice the correct protocol for One-Step, Two-Step and Three-Step Sparring. It was a fun and information-packed day. Every student learned a lot and took away both a Technical and Do manual to support their continued development.

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