New Black Belt: Benedict Roberts Age 15      T-UK Black Belt Grading Manchester        12th May 2019

We are so proud to announce the promotion to 1st Dan Black Belt our young member Benedict Roberts, celebrating his 15th birthday just 2 days before the grading, what a great birthday present.


Benedict has trained with Cambridge Taekwon-Do for 6 years. He is a brilliant example and ambassador for the club. Despite missing several gradings, that he had been approved for, Benedict maintained his motivation, discipline and commitment to training, focusing on improving on the quality of his skills, our core values. Today he demonstrated all of that in fantastic form.  It was such a pleasure to watch him being awarded his black belt and certificate which he so rightly and patiently earned.


We would also like to thank his parents, committed to supporting him throughout his journey and for their understanding of our associations expectations from our members and seniors.


He joined a number of other young students from T-UK clubs from around the country who were all pushed to deliver their best ever performance.


The grading was conducted by senior instructor Mr James Miley (VI) at his Trident Academy in Sale, Manchester and the examiners Master Archer (VII) and Master Ridley (VII).


Well done to everyone for their hard work and determination.

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