Master Alexandris (VIII) Sparring Seminar March 2017

Sunday 12the March 2017, myself and Mr Spiller travelled not very far for once, to Peterborough, to attend the Master Alexandris (VIII) sparring seminar hosted by Master Ford (VII) of Lone Wolf Taekwon-Do.

Having never trained with either Master Alexandris or Master Ford we didn’t know what to expect but were very much looking forward to it. Unfortunately due to the calf rupture I suffered only 4 weeks earlier I wasn’t able to take part in the actual training, as I had only just started walking properly on the leg and didn’t want to risk further damage. This was a huge disappointment to me but I knew if I had joined in I wouldn’t know when to stop so it was safer not to start at all. Nevertheless Master Ford didn't mind me walking around the hall and assisting some of the coloured belts with their techniques and drill. Which was fantastic as I felt less of a spare part. There were approximately 70 attendees from white belt through to 7th Dan Black Belts from Taekwon-Do clubs and associations from around the country and age groups from8 years old to 60 plus.

Master Alexandris had an interpreter and a fellow TKD practitioner Mr Mike Mouratidis with him that translated the instructions and supported us all. The master was an absolutely fantastic instructor, all belts were able to easily follow instructions as he started with basic drills which then he built up into more complex combinations once students had practice enough.

What we both particularly enjoyed was that there was absolutely no time wasted, every minutes was packed with valuable instruction or practice, we are looking forward to taking back some of these drills to our students at Cambridge Taekwon-Do. It was fantastic value for £30 per person for a session that stated from 10:30 am and ended at 3:30pm.

Finally Master Ford, who himself had a wrist injury and his assistant instructor at Lone Wolf Taekwon-Do  Miss Kibby were delightful and made us and everyone else feel very welcome. Thank you both for organising such a valuable event. 


Mrs Mirfet Hassan-Spiller 

Cambridge Taekwon-Do (III)

Master Ford on the right, Master Alexandris in the middle and Mr Mike Mouratidis on the left
Master Ford showing a turning kick
David Spiller with Chris Clarke

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