Cambridge Area Seminar June 2017

The T-UK Regional Seminar was held in Cambridge on Sunday 18th June (Father’s day!). The seminar provided expert instruction covering patterns, sparring and Hosin Sul (Self-defence) by our President Mr John Archer VI, our Regional instructor Mr Andy Crisp V and guest instructor Mr Ricky Dhillon IV in preparation for those who will be grading in July.

This seminar is compulsory for Green Belt students and above and highly recommended for those of beginner belts.

The event was 9:30am - 12:30 pm for the coloured belts and 9:30am - 4:00pm for all Black Belts. This event began with all 40 attendees participating in intense warm up and stretching techniques (even though it was all ready 26oC outside) delivered by Mr Archer and then followed very quickly by power kicking techniques using kick shields. There was then focus and discussions pertaining to correct body movement(s) and stances which were then implemented into some of the coloured belt patterns collectively.

Mr Archer then had small groups of 3 students perform each coloured belt pattern in front of the group. The purpose of this was to constructively break down the pattern into its individual techniques and to collectively analyse and scrutinise those techniques in order to understand the correct application when defending and attacking.


This was followed by sparring drills, focusing on footwork, speed and counter attacks.

After a very short lunch break the Black Belts were back in for the second half of the seminar and again the session started with an intense group warm up. The team was then split into first, second and third degree black belt students, where each group had a senior instructor who again went through each pattern for that grade ensuring it is delivered to the highest standards set by the T-UK and ITF.

This was followed by self-defence (Hosin Sul) with take downs, demonstrating the importance of speed, accuracy, recovery, position and correct tool for the target.


Needless to say the Black Belts after a 6 hour session could wring their doboks out, but it was a superb day. Our instructors Mr and Mrs Spiller had a similar session the previous weekend when they attended the Regional Seminar held up in Stratford Upon Avon and were very fortunate to be coached under guest instructor Mr De Silva (IV) ITF England National Team Coach.


These seminars are valuable training times for all student development, and really enforce the important message that in order to become a more rounded and knowledgeable Taekwon-Do practitioner then you must experience the training methods and practices of a variety of senior instructors.


Report by Mr Geoff Chapman II Degree



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