British Championships Oct 2017

Cambridge Taekwon-Do were super proud this weekend when some great results were achieved at the British Championships in Stratford Upon Avon.Competing against students from clubs from all over the country they showed off their best, stayed focused despite the nerves, the noise and the crowds. We had 16 competitors entry bringing home 7 Gold, 11 Silver and 6 Bronze trophies.


Proudest moment had to be when 4 students within the same category (pee wee ages 8-9, yellow belt to green tag) took the top 4 slots, Gold, Silver, Bronze and 4th place. Amazing students. Even with one or two students not doing as well as they would have hoped, they are still winners. It's incredibly nerve wracking being at these events and being judged by instructors who you have never met before wearing official suits but this is a great way for children to boost their confidence and presentation ability and prepares you for so much in life. Well done all.

Trophie winners:

Mrs Hassan-Spiller (III) - Gold Patterns, Bronze Sparring, Gold in Special Technique

Mr Spiller (III) - Gold Desctruction Hand Technique

Adam Shin (I) - BrPatterns, Silver Sparring

Niklas Maclay, 7th Kup, Green Tag - Gold Patterns, Bronze Sparring

Hanyu Zeng, 8th Kup Yellow Belt - Bronze Patterns, Gold Sparring

Hanrong Zeng 8th Kup Yellow Belt - Silver Sparring 

Xavier Jorda 8th Kup Yellow Belt - Bronze Patterns, Silver Sparringonze Patterns, Bronze Sparring

Natalie Maclay (I) -Silver Patterns, Gold Sparring

Athena Hughes (I) - Gold Patterns, Silver Sparring 

Ben Roberts 1st Kup, Black Tag - Silver Patterns, Silver Sparring

Alysha Djamarani 5th Kup, Blue Tag - Silver Patterns, Bronze Sparring

Giselle Roa 6th Kup, Green Belt - Gold Patterns, Silver Sparring

Craig Roa 7th Kup, Green Tag - Silver 

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