Myself, Mr Spiller, Mr Shelford and Mr Crisp attended the 120th International Instructors Course (IIC) in Manchester the weekend of the 7th/8th/9th of July 2017.

The IIC’s  are immense events that see two to three hundred Black Blets from first degree to 9th degree Grand Master,  from around the world congregate in one place to be instructed by the ITF Technical Committee which consist of: Grand Master Hector Marano, IX degree from Argentina;  Grand Master Ung Kim Lan, IX degree from Germany and Master Pierre Laquerre, VIII degree from Canada.

Two things made this particular IIC extra special and will stay in our minds for many years to come, firstly it was hosted by our own association the T-UK so well done to the T-UK Manchester Instructors Mr James Miley, Mr Jeff Brider, Miss Jayne Heywood and the rest of the team that worked tirelessly over the last few months to make this event not only happen but run so smoothly. The organisation involves managing the banquet, booking meals, hotels, flights, attendees, deposits for delegates from around the world, it really is a mammoth task. And secondly and most wonderfully it saw our own T-UK President Mr John Archer and Vice President Mr Ian Ridley, after a gruesome grading, be promoted from 6th Degree Black Belts to 7th Degree Black Belts and so earning the tile of Masters…  we are so incredibly proud of these two men who dedicate so much of their life to Taekwon-Do and T-UK to provide us with the support we need to observe the highest standards demanded by our governing body the ITF.

So congratulations Master Archer and Master Ridley for this well deserved title.

On to the event itself. The event started at 2pm on Friday the 7th and finished at around 1pm on Sunday 9th July.  Multiple areas were covered, we spent time breaking down each pattern from coloured belt patterns all the way through to the Black belt patterns , looking at how each technique within each pattern is performed, the starting point, the chamber point the finishing point, taking questions from participants and clarifying any confusions. For each pattern a volunteer was asked to stand up and perform the pattern in question and then essentially have their performance constructively scrutinised in order to make improvements if necessary. This is quite daunting, especially as you are performing in front of your peers and seniors but I was more than happy to volunteer for a couple of patters (a coloured belt pattern and a 3rd Dan pattern) as it really is the best way to learn and improve.

We also covered Sparring techniques; this part was mainly instructed by GM Lan demonstrating very useful counter attacks to some basic kicks seen during sparring. Here we partnered with different people and some you recognise from previous seminars outside of our own organisation, so always nice to see those people again and obviously meet new people.

The self defence part of the training was delivered by Master Pierre Laquerre, (VIII). Myself, Mr Spiller and Mr Shelford had never trained under this master and were really excited to try out some very effective self defence methods. Brilliant tactics were shown depending on where an attacked came from and this covered all angles of attack; from behind, from in front, from the side, from above if you are on the ground.

I really didn’t want it to end but sadly it did around 12 on Sunday, giving Masters a chance to hand out all the certificates and then there was time for photo’s and all the goodbyes.

Seminars like these are so crucial in in your Taekwon-Do development and ensuring standards are high and consistent throughout all ITF clubs.


Written by Mrs Hassan-Spiller (III)

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