Master Suska Seminar Feb 2020

Fantastic opportunity to train under a 6 x World Champion and 20 x European Champion.

Well done to thE 15 Cambridge students who took advantage of this amazing event and thank you Master Lear at AETA for organising.


A small number of our students wrote about their experience.


Kiana aged 10

"Taekwondo Experience 
Entering the Dojan with excitement and curiosity, we begin with a energetic warm up.
The honor to be taught by Master Jaroslaw Suska!
Sweat trickling as we do the exercises for the third time- then the rush of techniques. Master Suska motivated us to strive forward and push ourselves with the occasional gloat “Come on, this is so easy!”. We were all delighted to find that he was giving autographs signing our books, certificates and gloves. His books were each a masterpiece, carefully written and with clear and accurate diagrams to lead our Taekwondo journey into the light."
Alysha aged 12
"The Master Suska seminar was absolutely phenomenal. There were children of all different levels learning lots of new skills. I was blown away by Master Suska’s techniques and patterns, everything was so crisp and his kicks were so high. I don’t think I have ever worked so hard in my life. I am so grateful for being able to participate in such a big opportunity and I really can’t wait for the next training session".


Alexandra aged 12

"Thank you to Master Suska for an exhilarating session! 
We enjoyed the strength of the training and watched bewildered the kicks demonstrations ! 
I feel even more motivated after the sessions 
Thank you Mrs Spiller for sorting out  another great learning experience!"

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