Name: Mrs Mirfet Hassan-Spiller


Grade: III Degree


How did you start training in Taekwon-Do?

Back in January 2006 when my twins boys had just turned 6,  I wanted them to start learning self defence. I was very lucky to come across the details of Cambridge Taekwon-Do in a local guide. I enrolled them onto the training and for a year I sat outside the hall observing them while they trained. In that time I realised what brilliant instructors they were under (Mr Crisp and Miss Ross) and what an interesting and structured discipline Taekwon-Do was, so in January 2007 myself and my husband enrolled into the adult class. It was challenging because we had to organise and pay for a child minder to look after the boys while we were both training as we trained at different times to the boys. But it was worth it because we gained so much fitness and skill and we could support the boys in their development.


Who else has been your instructor?

Our weekly instructors were Mr Crisp and Miss Ross. On a regular basis we also trained under the President and Vice President of T_UK (Mr Archer and Mr Ridley), and other T-UK instructors but we also attend at least 2 external events every year so have had the privilege of training under First Grand Master Rhee, Grand Master Bos, Grand Master Marano, Grand Master Lan and so many other amazing instructors.


What’s been your story since then?

Since then my priorities have been to stay fit, strong, healthy and knowledgeable so that I can share my passion for this art with others. I've been very lucky to be able to teach Taekwon-Do at the Perse Prep school in Cambridge as well as Cambridge Taekwon-Do.


How long have you been running Cambridge TKD?

Mr Crisp and Miss Ross have been running Cambridge Taekwon-Do since 2004. They have done a superb job but with a young daughter to focus on and moving out of Cambridge, the running of the club became more of a challenge then was hoped. To ensure the continued success of the club and the development of it valued members, they offered me the opportunity to take it over as lead instructor at the end of 2016. An opportunity like this cannot be turned down and I was delighted they had considered me as their successor. They are big shoes to fill but I hope to add a whole new level of training to our classes. As well as being a qualified Taekwon-Do instructor,  I also qualified as a fitness instructor in 2009 and so have good experience of teaching many fitness disciplines. I hope to compliment the great work they have already done and am very excited about the future.


What other achievements have you had in Taekwon-Do?

It is really important that when you join a martial arts club that you attend regular external training sessions and seminars, this expands your knowledge of the bigger picture. It is also important to attend competitions as they are a great way to meet like minded people, show off your skills and mix with great athletes. Since joining in 2007 I have entered 2 competitions a year and have had success in both sparring and patterns categories. From Black Belt I also started umpiring and refereeing.


What do you feel Taekwon-Do has done for you personally?

Taekwon-Do has definitely made me a stronger (physically and mentally) person. It has improved my endurance and my determination to succeed. Maybe it's more psychological but if i'm facing something that I feel I can't do, I remind myself that I am a Black Belt, then there is this overwhelming sense of 'can do' that comes over me, it works every single time! 


What do you hope to do in the future in Taekwon-Do?

I want to be able to promote Taekwon-Do as a sport of choice within families, something that every member of the family can share and enjoy as I have for all these years.

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